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Innovation Mindset Badge

This badge is designed to infuse creativity, problem solving, ideation, innovation, entrepreneurship and communication into a student’s academic life. This badge is a portfolio of experiences (curricular and co-curricular) that allow students to put entrepreneurship into action, test ideas and ideally launch businesses or commercialize products and services. Creating an entrepreneurial mindset is something that will benefit students regardless of the career path. Students from all three campuses, Morgantown, Beckley and Potomac State are eligible, as well as High School students and community members!

enrollment & awarding process

Recipients must complete these criteria to earn this badge:

  1. Apply to enroll

    Students can apply to be enrolled into the program by Applying Below to the Morris L. Hayhurst LaunchLab Executive Director. Please include your name, major, college and short description about your interest in earning the Entrepreneurial and Innovation Mindset badge. Your application will be reviewed by the committee and you will be contacted shortly.

    Apply Here
  2. Complete a series of curricular and co-curricular activities

    Available programs, courses and activities available for participation:

    *This is not an exhaustive list as other opportunities may become eligible in the future or upon request.
    -Complete an ENTR minor course (where available) – 5 points.
    -Complete an IDEA Faculty Fellows course (where available) – 5 points
    -Become a Morris L. Hayhurst LaunchLab Client by completing an Intake Form and meeting with a business advisor – 5 points
    -Complete a Business Model Canvas and register a business with the state – 5 points
    -Participate in and complete a Pitch Competition – 10 points
    -Participate in and complete an Impact Challenge- 20 points
    -Participate in and complete a Business Plan Competition – 30 points
    -Join and participate in the Entrepreneurship club – 10 points
    -Join and participate in the Social Action Clinic – 10 points
    -Attend a Vantage Ventures Event- 5 points
    -Attend an Encova Center Event – 5 points
    -Participate in and complete an NSF I-Corps short course – 20 points

    Students will be awarded the micro-credential once a minimum of 50 points from the number of activities listed are completed. The micro-credential committee will review the submitted application and approve awarding the credential upon appropriate completion. Students will provide documented evidence of completion and submit all documentation to the award committee.

  3. Wait for review by the Award Committee

    The enrollment and completion applications will be received via the Morris L. Hayhurst LaunchLab email. The LaunchLab Executive Director will initially review the applications for meeting minimum requirements and will consult with the award committee.

Program evaluation

Assignments, tasks and homework will be determined in accordance with the activities above.

Selection Criteria

  • Attendance and completion at the selected event
  • Feedback and evaluation from judges and business advisors through presentations and competitions
  • Evaluation of product or service feasibility during competitions and events
  • Pre and post self – evaluation of knowledge and skills around innovation and entrepreneurial mindset
  • Final review from the Micro-credentialing committee for appropriate and substantive participation