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Innovation Starts Here

Filling out this intake form is the first step in becoming a client of the Morris L. Hayhurst LaunchLab. Existing clients should refrain from completing duplicate intake forms. Instead, they should proceed to the "Existing Clients" page. For more information about the intake process and working with the LaunchLab see the resources below.

Become a Client - Complete an Intake Form 

Prepare For Launch

  1. Identify an Idea or a Problem

    Almost all great innovations start with an idea or problem. Innovations are often created without any intended use case. Where can it be used? To whom do we believe great value can be delivered? These are all things to consider at the start of the innovation process. Existing clients looking to launch another business or idea should proceed to the " Existing Clients" page to get started with the LaunchLab on their next project.

  2. Fill-out the Intake Form

    To begin the process of receiving LaunchLab services and becoming a LaunchLab client fill-out an intake form. Click the link below, and you will be prompted to enter your email address* and password. You will then be redirected to the West Virginia University-branded CAS (Central Authentication Service) page, which will prompt you for your Login Username and Password. If this is your first time logging into a SharePoint site, you may be directed to a generic landing page. In that case, click this link again after you’ve completed the login process.

    Become a Client - Complete an Intake Form

    Notice to Students: Although WVU student email addresses end in "", students should use here. This is a special username used for Office 365, and is not an email address that can be used elsewhere. Example: If your Login username is "glweinrib", enter the address as follows: "". Click here for more information.

  3. Lift Off!

    At the LaunchLab we offer our clients guidance throughout the entire innovation process. From ideation to commercialization we can provide advice, coaching, and resources. Once onboarded as a LaunchLab client, the process for business or idea success will proceed as detailed in our roadmap processes which can be viewed in our White Pages. See a list version of the diagram below hereGetting started Roadmap; text versions available inn above paragraph and White Pages

Other Opportunities

The LaunchLab is a portal for students, offering guidance and assistance with opportunities through pitch competitions, grant applications, workshops and more. Checkout the student resources available below.

  • Entering innovation pitch competitions offers several benefits. The practice helps build your confidence, while receiving valuable feedback from judges. They allow you to network giving you access to areas and people that can propel your idea further. You gain exposure, and it helps refine your idea.  WVU LaunchLab hosts several innovation pitch competitions each year giving students the benefits of pitching and the opportunity to earn funding for their idea. 

  • HOW TO  workshops give the benefit of learning best practices from industry professionals. It also offers networking opportunities while giving students the edge-up to succeed.

  • For a limited time, the LaunchLab offers access to a startup seed funding grant for clients. 

  • Forming A Company
    Forming a company is an important milestone in the process of applied innovation. When a team is ready to form a legal entity with the state of West Virginia, they can do so at the Secretary of State office at The cost of forming an LLC is $100. The cost of registering a business name is $15. The LaunchLab can help you with every step of this process.

  • Intellectual Property
    The LaunchLab workers closely with student clients to help register their IP. The LaunchLab takes no ownership or interest in student intellectual properties.

Important Resources

White Pages

This document thoroughly discusses the LaunchLab processes and services in PDF form. New client's working with the LaunchLab will find this resource useful and are encouraged to review.

White Pages

Business Model Canvas

For all of our clients one key recommendation we make is to fill out the Business Model Canvas. This model serves as a great tool to ensure all aspects of company or invention are considered.

Business Model Canvas

Locations for Making

WVU LaunchLab | Morgantown

The MakerLab
3rd floor of Evansdale Crossings, Room 313

Learn About the MakerLab

The Studio
4th floor of Evansdale Crossings, Room 411

Learn About the Studio

WVU LaunchLab | Beckley

Innovation Building | WVU Tech 282 Minnesota Ave Beckley, WV 25801

For questions regarding the intake process or any of our other resources please address all questions to

Student resources

The LaunchLab is here to help by offering a variety of entrepreneurial student resources.
A woman leaning over a table where another woman is sitting, working a competition or event

Grants & Funding

The Morris L. Hayhurst LaunchLab takes pride in helping WVU students find resources to jumpstart their businesses or ideas whether it be through their own channels or outside resources. 

About Grants & Funding
two women wearing green on either side of a man wearing a suit presenting at a competition


Each semester the Morris L. Hayhurst LaunchLab hosts multiple competitions with varying topics or industries in order to provide a chance for students to earn funding for their idea or product. 

About Competitions
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Each semester the Morris L. Hayhurst LaunchLab hosts workshops covering varying topics or industries for students to learn more about growing their businesses or ideas.

About Workshops