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Locations for Making

The Morris L. Hayhurst LaunchLab offers a variety of resources for young entrepreneurs, including two permanent locations for creating prototypes and marketing content and a third traveling location. The third location, the "Creation Station" is a traveling rendition of the LaunchLab's MakerLab that follows faculty & staff when they travel. Check out the pages below to gain a better understanding of how these locations function and what they can do for you as a LaunchLab client.

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See what our places for making have to offer.

The MakerLab

MakerLab is a prototyping space for students who are interested in learning how to build a 3D model of their innovation.

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The Studio

The LaunchLab studio is a collaborative work environment where our clients can create promotional content for their brands, including but not limited to product photography, video pitches, and other assorted multimedia content to strengthen the outreach o

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The Creation Station On Wheels

We have officially HIT THE ROAD! That’s right! The Creation Station on wheels is now traveling around the state spreading innovation. Be on the look out to see where we are launching next.

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