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Demo Day winners announced


Friday, April 20, 2018

Hundreds of West Virginia University students, faculty and staff from a wide variety of departments and colleges participated in WVU’s inaugural Demo Day, which provided an opportunity for the University to embrace ideas and to celebrate the creative and inventive work that takes place every day on campus.

Eight events were hosted by different colleges and programs throughout the day, beginning at 9:30am and concluding after 7:30pm. Hundreds of ballots were cast at the Demo Day Expo, where nearly 70 students and faculty presented their entrepreneurial ideas, prototype designs and business ventures to the WVU community.

Five cash prizes were awarded based on the accumulation of votes from the judges, all who had voted in previous LaunchLab pitch competitions, and the overall attendees.

Each winner received $1,000. You can view descriptions about each exhibit at

  • Seventeen Days and Your Move

  • Round and Round

  • Auto Mosaics

  • NextGen Multifunctional Structural Retrofit System

  • Mountain Mamma Stomp Pads