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Kevin Combs

CEO, Managing Partner of Keswick Pharmaceuticals

Specialty Areas:

Startup Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Funding, E-Sports/Technology/Gaming, FDA Regulations, Bio/Pharma, Real Estate


Kevin is a founder and entrepreneur with a successful track record of building operating companies that produce outsized value, while maintaining core values of integrity, passionate pursuit of purpose and consistent sustainability. He has created over 2 billion dollars in returns to investors as a founder, with the fourth largest being in pharma/biotech sector (commercial lead for Lanoxin Canada post 2001 from GlaxoWelcome/acquisition of world-wide commercial rights to Cyclist in 2005/6 . While at Vatring-Vicro, sell of PBM Pharma in 2014, sourcing and closing of substantial equity position in Alexis 2014 leading to their ability to perform ph I trials with gene therapy for SMA and leading to their Nasdaqlisting in 2016 and sell to Novartis for $8.7bn in April 2018, build out of Flourish Health Solutions to initially serve as commercial outsourcing partner to PaxVax in 2016). In addition to these events, Kevin had the privilege to build out several successful commercial teams at GSK, AZ/MedImmune and Novartis Vaccines, leading to both value creation for the company/investors and career growth for the employees associated. More recently Kevin has helped co-found an affordable housing startup in North Carolina, a very exciting game tech company in Charlottesville, a digital/social media company in Charlottesville and joined boards of ArcheMedx, Ubicabus, Pavella, HIVE and the UVA Seed fund.