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Jonathan Ohliger

Founder and CEO of Veepio

Specialty Areas:

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Jonathan Ohliger is the founder and CEO of VEEPIO, a mobile technology company that allows NFL teams to capture user preferences and facilitate transactions within native mobile video. In this capacity his responsibilities include the supervision and control of all strategic and business operations of VEEPIO Holdings, LLC. VEEPIO currently has 500,000 + unique users among it’s first three NFL Clients, The Philadelphia Eagles, The Denver Broncos and The Indianapolis Colts.

Jonathan has over 9 years’ experience in the financial technology sector prior to founding VEEPIO. As Managing Director at Singularity Technology Solutions, a financial technology software development company servicing the global capital markets, Jonathan specialized in implementing unique high frequency trading solutions for equities markets in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, London and China. It was during this time that Jonathan developed his affinity for identifying advancements in technology and pairing them with emergent business models to generate platforms to serve the global social entrepreneur.
Jonathan later founded Adaptive Strategy Design Inc., a consulting firm specializing in management, technology and strategy solutions for small to mid-tier financial services and technology firms. One project of note was The Capital Markets Foundation, a for-profit trading school in Cali, Colombia. In partnership with the NYSE, The Capital Markets Foundation focused on building schools throughout South America to educate and empower a new generation. Jonathan designed an extensive curriculum combined with mentoring from experienced professionals to help students gain a deep understanding of the US Capital Markets and Trade.

Jonathan graduated from West Virginia University in 2000 with a degree in Sociology and Anthropology. While there, he earned a full scholarship as the starting kicker for the West Virginia Mountaineers, a perennial top 25 football team. After graduating, Jonathan briefly played professional football for various teams in the U.S.

Jonathan recently moved from NYC to Wilmington, Delaware with his wife Marcy and their two daughters, Reeves and Shea.