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DLP 3D Printing

When clients use MakerLab DLP 3D printers it is best practice to arrive with a printable '.STL' file, ready for use. In the case that a client cannot provide their own ready-to-use '.STL' file or they require the assistance of a prototype engineer, they will be charged a minimum consultation and design fee of $100. This fee may increase depending on the complexity of the client's design and will be denoted before the CAD design process begins.

If a printable '.STL' file is provided by the client before manufacturing, no consultation is necessary to use the printers listed below.
Cost of Service
Without .'STL' File: $100+

Elegoo Saturn

Build Volume
192 x 120 x 200mm (7.5 x 4.72 x 7.87in)
Printable Materials
Standard and Tough Resins
Cost of Materials
Standard Resin: $0.035/mL $2.00/hour of printing
Tough Resin: $0.05/mL $2.00/hour of printing
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