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Who We've Helped

Cone Buddy

Makerlab engineer and the inventor of the "Cone Buddy,"  Keegan Mueller details his 4 years at the WVU Launchlab.  

AntHill Hostel

Meet Allie Jeney, our 2018 Women's Pitch Competition winner! Allie is the proud owner of AntHill Hostel! Watch  to learn more about her innovative journey.

HF Magnet

Meet Samantha and Kristen. These two dental hygienist students worked with the LaunchLab prior to winning the grand prize in the the 2018 Draper Competition. Learn more about their success here!

Byrds and Bees Honey

Matt Byrd is the owner of Byrds and Bees Honey. In conduction with the the WVU LaunchLab and the WVU Extension Matt was able to obtain resources and guidance to turn his idea into a reality.  


Maddie and Jordan came to LaunchLab with the idea of Hepbonics. This creative innovation uses a fish and a plant to create a self-sustaining ecosystem. From product design to learning how to pitch, the LaunchLab was able to assist the Herbponics throughout the entire innovation process. 

Vandalia Softworks Forensic Investigation Video Game

Jordan Hallow is one of the LaunchLab's clients and is the creater of a forensic investigation video game. Through the guidance and advice of the LaunchLab, Jordan was able to develop a plan and a prototype of his game-based learning software. 

Banana Blaster

Meet Ephraim Pittore. Ephraim has worked on two different innovations in his time with the LaunchLab and benefitted specifically from the framework the provided by the LaunchLab as well as access to the MakersLab. He shares his experience throughout the innovation process and elaborates on the successes he's experienced.